Greetings to Japanese Food Industry Professionals,

MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY, INC. is very pleased to present to you, products and services for your business. We offer our website to aid in your pursuit for a better insight into true Japanese food culture.

For over the last half-century, MUTUAL TRADING has single-mindedly followed one corporate mission: 鈥淏ringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World鈥? Over the years, we鈥檝e seen growing acceptance and heightened regard for Japanese foods by people from diverse regions across the world. In 2014, Washoku, the traditional food of Japan, was designated as UNESCO鈥檚 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity to further validate its place as one of the world鈥檚 great culinary arts.

Rapid expansion in any field comes with concerns for compromised quality. In the Japanese food industry, an understanding of the traditional, core foundation is necessary for a quality based business. The Sushi Institute of America, the Sake School of America, and the Hocho Service Center welcome future chefs and trade professionals to train for a higher level of expertise. And we invite you to visit any one of Mutual Trading鈥檚 six showrooms located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Arizona, New York, and Honolulu.

This is truly an exciting time. We express our sincere respect to those who endeavor in promoting Japanese cuisine. We extend my heartfelt appreciation for your continuous support

Kosei Yamamoto, Chairman