Group History

Mutual Trading Co., Inc. is inaugurated, and locates a half mile east to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California. The founding president, Sadagoro Hoshizaki starts the company to establish a co-op purchasing and import channel for the ten or so Japanese grocery store owners.
On December 7, upon the outbreak of the war between US and Japan, Mutual Trading ceases all operations.
Mutual resumes business quickly after the end of the war, made possible only through the goodwill by the Sisters of Maryknoll Catholic Church nearby, who had safely sheltered Mutual's entire warehouse stock during the war.
Noritoshi Kanai teams up with Chuhei Ishii in Tokyo, forming an import-export business alliance and marking the birth of Tokyo Kyodo Boeki K. K.
Chuhei Ishii, relocates to Los Angeles as the second President of Mutual Trading.
Noritoshi Kanai immigrates to US with his family as General Manager of Mutual Trading to manage the business for the ailing Chuhei Ishii. Mutual Trading becomes the first company in the world to freeze Edamame, and the first to import them to America. Still with only seven Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo, Mutual develops a Sushi bar business concept with Kawafuku and Eigiku Restaurants, the first in the US.
Richard Akira Inaba becomes the third President of Mutual Trading. Mutual marks a culinary breakthrough by debuting Kanto style Japanese cuisine with selection of Tonkatsu, Japanese curry, Gyoza, and Edomae Sushi.
Mutual relocates to the current office-warehouse in an industrial district on Crocker Street.
New York Mutual Trading Co., Inc. opens for business with an office in New Jersey, and a showroom in Manhattan, New York.
Miyako Oriental Foods, a Miso manufacturing plant, is established under joint venture with Yamajirushi Jozo. Mutual Trading advises Yamamotoyama in establishing a tea processing plant in an adjacent property building. Noritoshi Kanai becomes Mutual's fourth President.
Toyo Suisan, in collaboration with Mutual Trading, begins Maruchan Instant Ramen production at a plant located in Irvine, California.
Kyodo Food Processing operation begins, specializing in fresh seafood processing.
Los Angeles Mutual opens showroom specializing in Japanese restaurant supplies.
New York Mutual Trading expands and relocates to Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Miyako Oriental Foods relocates to a Baldwin Park, California facility equipped with a 1,000 metric ton capacity. In Berkeley, California, Takara USA begins brewing Shochikubai Sake.
Corroborative efforts between Morinaga America and Mutual Trading bring the first shelf-stable Tofu, Moni-Nu Tofu.
The Cherry Company in Honolulu joins the Mutual Group.
Mutual's long time affiliate, Yamasa Shoyu Company arrives in the US, opening a plant in Salem, Oregon.
On January 17, the Hanshin-Awajishima earthquake strikes Japan, completely leveling the Tokyo Kyodo Boeki Kobe office. Urashima Nori Company and Mutual Trading join forces to establish Urashima USA in Walnut, California, a packing operation for Nori and Furikake products. Los Angeles Mutual Trading holds the first Japanese chinaware and restaurant supply show.
Following extensive repairs, the Kobe office reopens for business. Los Angeles Mutual Trading reaches a 70-year milestone anniversary, and celebrates with a commemorative trip to Las Vegas for all employees. Japanese restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area total 4,000.
Boston Mutual Trading office opens in Boston, Massachusetts.
Arizona Mutual Trading office and warehouse opens in Phoenix, Arizona.
Constructs the revolutionary , advanced technology super freezer at -65 degrees Celsius, -75 degrees Fahrenheit, and launches the next generation in seafoods - the "fresher than fresh" ULTS Ultra Low Temperature Seafoods.
San Diego Mutual Trading office and warehouse opens in Poway, California.
Las Vegas Mutual Trading office and warehouse opens in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sushi Instutude of America established by Founder and Charman, Noritoshi Kanai, President of Mutual Trading Group Companies, and head of School & Executive Instructor Katsuya Uechi, Owner & Executive Chef of KATSUYA RESTAURANT Los Angeles, California. New York Mutual Trading Showroom opens in NYC, New York